Traffic management and the community

6th Mar 2023

Traffic management and the community

Traffic Management

When closing roads for events or other reasons, it is important to keep residents informed in a timely and effective manner. The following are some best practices for keeping residents informed when closing roads:

Advance notice: Provide residents with advance notice of the road closures, including the dates and times of the closures and the affected areas. This will give residents time to plan alternative routes and make any necessary adjustments to their daily routines.

Clear communication: Use clear and concise language in all communications about the road closures, including road signs, flyers, and social media posts. Ensure that the information is easily accessible and understandable for all residents.

Multiple channels: Use multiple channels to communicate the road closures, including local newspapers, community websites, social media, and local radio and television stations. This will help to ensure that all residents are aware of the closures, regardless of their preferred method of communication.

Detailed information: Provide detailed information about the closures, including alternative routes, detours, and any other important information that may affect residents’ daily routines.

On-site information: Consider providing on-site information at key locations, such as community centres, libraries, and local shops, to help residents access the information they need.

Ongoing updates: Keep residents informed of any updates or changes to the road closures and provide regular updates throughout the duration of the closures.

Keeping residents informed when closing roads requires clear and effective communication through multiple channels, along with detailed information and ongoing updates.

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